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Mansveld Expotech is the sole official rigging contractor allowed to access the RAI Amsterdam roof structure to install hanging points. Third parties are strictly prohibited access and are not permitted to install any rigging points.

RIGGING ORDERS: Mansveld Expotech can assist you in working out the correct rigging plan and can advise on the truss materials, motorised hoists and any customised services. The order must be completed with detailed plans of the stand position, hanging points required, guy ropes/steel wires, measurements and weights of any objects. 

CEILING HEIGHTS: Suspension wires for hanging signs and lighting rigs can be installed in most areas of the halls. In case of height limitations, exhibitors will be advised at the time of space allocation. For information regarding build heights, please contact Abraxys. Please note that there may not be a suspension point directly above your stand area and thus support trussing may have to be fitted on the ceiling above your stand. Due to the complexity of this process, extra costs may be charged for suspension points in some areas. Quotes for suspension points and rigging are made on individual basis, following verification of their feasibility. For more information, please contact Mansveld Expotech.

MANUAL AND ELECTRIC HOISTS: Due to Dutch legislation in connection with safety at the workplace, the use of access platforms for lifting objects of 50 kg or more is prohibited. Mansveld Expotech can make hoists which are certified according to CE and TUV regulations available provided the order is received by 11 August.

COMPLEX RIGGED STRUCTURES: Rigging that is deemed complex will require structural calculations to be submitted along with your technical drawings plus a payment of the Complex Fee to cover the structural engineers fees. All rigged elements will be deemed complex unless all materials and weight information is included in the stand plan drawing to prove otherwise. Banners will be checked onsite to ensure the banner construction matches the material and weight information as stated on the plan drawing. If any complex structure is modified after the submission of the below information, plans must be resubmitted with details of all modifications.

Examples of complex rigging include:

  • Any bespoke metal or timber banner construction;
  • Lighting rigs over 400 kg in weight;
  • Any bespoke structure that is partly suspended, this includes all walling and canopies where chains or drop wires are loaded. The stand plan design should clearly show the transfer of load between the floor mounted structure and the hanging support.

Examples of non-complex rigged banners include lightweight foamex banners connected directly to the venue rigging points or a proprietary framework system with fabric/pvc infil. 

The following information must be submitted for a Complex Rigged Structure to Abraxys with your stand plan submission:

  • Detailed, scaled structural drawings
  • Structural calculations
  • Specifications of materials used, description of all fixings. Rigging connected to truss must show fixings through entire truss, not just around bottom chords 
  • Weight per suspension point and total weight of banner construction
  • Risk Assessment

The Complex Feeis applicable to all complex rigged structures and includes pre-site checks of your drawing and calculations submitted and onsite sign-off during the construction by an independent structural engineer. The Complex Fee is only applicable to those stands where rigged structures are deemed complex and is to be paid in addition to the Stand Plan Inspection fee. 

SPACE ONLY EXHIBITING IN A SHELL SCHEME AREA: Whilst IBC have a preference for exhibitors to remain a shell scheme in this area, we do not wish to stifle creativity therefore should you choose to build in these areas please adhere to the following rules:

  • Stands must adhere to IBC's stand rules and regulations
  • Exhibitors must supply Abraxys with stand designs and the necessary health and safety documents
  • Stand height must not exceed 3m
  • Rigging must comply with the IBC Skyline Zone rule (rigging points are limited in shell areas and cannot be guaranteed)

IMPORTANT: No rigging or hanging banners are permitted above Shell Scheme stands.