Hall 14

Important Information Regarding Hall 14 at IBC2024 

As a Hall 14 Exhibitor, we need to ensure you are up to date with all the details of the restrictions and requirements within this hall.

Please review the below information regarding important build-up/breakdown details and if you have any questions, please contact support@ibc.org.   


Hall 14 will be situated at the entrance of the Europa side of the RAI, welcoming visitors to IBC2024 providing an environment specifically created to be conducive for business. A quality designed structure for exhibiting comfort and ease, Hall 14 offers good access and visibility for your stand. Like all halls at the RAI, Hall 14 has specific build regulations for exhibitors to take into account when designing their exhibition stands:  

  • The hall is darkened with black cloth ceiling and black draped walls to minimise light bleed and reflections on displays so Safety lighting is provided in the hall but is not sufficient enough to light your stand. We advise for you to take this into account when designing your stand, ensuring that you provide enough lighting for your products.  

  • This hall does not contain rigging points in the structure. Hanging Banners or Lighting Trusses are not permitted. Therefore all signage and lighting should be supported from the ground. 

  • The build height for Space Only stands is a maximum of 4m from the hall floor. 

  • Double-Decker levels are not permitted. 

  • Floor is made from wood and will have ducts included to feed power and internet cable to stands. 

  • The maximum floor weight loading is 500kg/sqm. The floor is a flat solid surface. 

  • Hall 14 cannot be entered by car, van or truck. A specific loading area is located just outside the hall for freight access.  

  • Maximum size of any items being moved through the doors in/out of Hall 14 is 2.70m wide x 2.5m high 

  • No vehicles allowed on stands or as part of any exhibit. 

  • No aircon in part B of Hall 14. 

  • No forklifts to operate in Hall 14. 

  • No powered lifting machines/pump trucks allowed unless operated by CEVA.  

  • Carpet to be laid on Wednesday 11 September in Hall 14.  

  • Fire regulations are the same for Hall 14 as per the other halls. 

  • There is no provision for water or waste connections. 

  • Final deadline for ordering power or internet connections is 10 August – see RAI Webshop

  • Hall 14 will have Wi-Fi available for exhibitors to use (same as Hall 5). SSID and password will be shared closer to the show. 

  • Breakdown – all stands need to be cleared from Hall 14 by 21:00 Wednesday 18 September. 


Please ensure that you and your appointed stand contractor are familiar with the Build Rules & Regulations located in the Exhibition Manual. As always, Abraxys, IBC’s stand plan inspection agency are available to assist your stand builder with any design queries.  


  • IBC will provide Floor Managers in Hall 14 during the build period to ensure health & safety regulations are met and for your stand contractor to have a point of contact. 
  • If you or your stand contractor has any questions regarding stand designs or build restrictions, please contact Abraxys, IBC’s stand approval company. 

Abraxys Global Ltd - Email: ibc@abraxys.com  

The deadline to submit your stand plan for approval is Friday 20 June 2024. Please refer to the Space Only Stand Rules & Regulations section in the Exhibition Manual for specific details related to stand build.  

To assist in the planning of your stand schedule during build-up, please note the following items are scheduled to take place:  

  • Laying of aisle carpet: Wednesday, 11 September from 18:00hrs 

  • Light Levels Testing 

  • Wednesday, 11 September 15:00hrs 

  • Thursday, 12 September 15:00hrs