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Fire Regulations

The venue’s exit door lighting, fire and safety equipment signage, and any fire-fighting devices must not be hidden or obstructed at any time. If fire-fighting devices are located inside the stand, they must remain visible and accessible.

The RAI Amsterdam Fire Department is present onsite at all times, therefore individual fire extinguishers are not mandatory. However, should an exhibitor require fire extinguishers on their stand, they can hire these via the RAI Webshop.

All stand layouts will be inspected onsite by the venue’s Health & Safety Manager to determine if extra fire extinguishers are required on the stand and exhibitors will be advised by the fire prevention officer if this is the case. Please be aware that higher risk or larger enclosed areas such as server rooms containing a high volume of technical equipment or demonstration theatres will require additional fire extinguishers. Larger double decker stands of 50+sqm will also require extra fire extinguishers by the stairs to the upper level.

Written permission must be obtained through Abraxys before any of the following are used in the building. Applications should be sent to Abraxys.

  • Equipment for demonstration purposes, cooking, frying or baking with gas or electricity
  • Compressed or liquefied gases
  • Fire-accelerating liquids
  • Easily flammable or explosive substances
  • Open fires and naked flames for demonstrations

Any work involving oxy-acetylene cutting/welding, gas/oil blowlamps, tar boilers, LPG burners, soldering etc. requires a hot work permit, prior to the commencement of work.  The area where this work is carried out must be clear of flammable products and personnel and a fire extinguisher has to be at hand. Please make provisions for a fire extinguisher if any of the above work is required at your stand. Applications for permission for any hot or naked flame work on your stand should be sent to Abraxys at least 4 weeks in advance of the first day of build-up.

Please refer to Permissible Stand Build Materials for details of which materials can be used and how they are classified. Flammable materials may not be used for the construction or assembly of stands. The materials employed shall not contribute to evolution of large volumes of smoke. All materials used must meet the relevant Dutch or European standard.

Neon appliances and equipment must meet the provisions of articles 211.3/274.5.3 and 773 of NEN 1010 (Netherlands Standard). Notwithstanding the above, the following regulations apply to the connections and/or switches: 

  • A maximum of two neon appliances (which must meet the provisions of NEN 1010, art 773 par. 3.2) may be connected by way of a plug, which must be within reach.
  • Where several neon appliances are mounted alongside one another, they must be fitted with one central fire emergency switch.
  • Neon appliances and equipment, which are difficult to reach or are part of the stand construction, must be fitted with a fire emergency switch. 

Neon appliances and equipment that do not meet the requirements of NEN 1010, art. 773 par 3.2 must be fitted with a fire emergency switch.


  • No excess stock, literature or packaging cases or other flammable materials may be stored in any unauthorised areas or voids.
  • Storage underneath stages and structures is strictly forbidden as it increases the risk of fire.
  • Please contact the official freight-handling agent CEVA Showfreight if you require storage of items outside your stand space.

CEVA Showfreight
Contact: Paul Strachan
Tel: +44 (0) 330 587 7777
Email: paul.strachan@cevalogistics.com
Tariff & Shipping Instructions Information: click here