9-12 SEPTEMBER 2022

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COVID-19 Safety

COVID-19 Safety

Creating a safe environment for IBC2022 attendees and exhibitors is our top priority and commitment. IBC and the RAI Amsterdam follow the Dutch Government’s regulations. There are currently no formal restrictions or requirements relating to COVID-19 at IBC2022. 

Please note that COVID-19 rules may change at any time. All information currently displayed is therefore subject to change.

Should exhibitors wish to enhance their own stand designs to incorporate established best practice guidelines to ensure a safe environment, please consider the following established design considerations and safety measures. The below are recommendations only. Any enforced regulations will remain consistent with any changes in government regulations, national health authority guidelines and/or venue protocols.

  • Provide adequate space for both your stand personnel and exhibition attendees on your stand. Exhibitors may set own capacity limits on their stands if preferred and, if implemented, exhibitors will be responsible for managing and supervising stand access.
  • Incorporate one-way traffic flow with clearly signposted entrances and exits.
  • Install protective screen dividers in close contact areas on your stand e.g. reception/welcome desk.
  • Encourage alternative forms of greetings, without physical contact.
  • Promote personal hygiene practices amongst your personnel, contractors and visitors by providing hand sanitising products and signage promoting health and safety best practices.
  • Consider touchless alternatives to printed promotional materials. Exhibitors can order lead retrieval scanners to enable lead generation and digital content distribution from IBC’s preferred supplier Aventri. IBC recommends that exhibitors go paperless to reduce printed material waste.
  • Plan for frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces, equipment and materials on your stand.
  • Disinfect showcased products and/or equipment before and after being handled and instruct visitors to sanitise their hands before and after touching these.
  • Design and any high-touch areas to be easily accessible to facilitate regular cleaning and disinfection. Disinfectants and cleaning products can be ordered through the RAI Amsterdam.
  • Regulate the capacity and timings of meetings and/or functions on your stand.
  • Arrange meetings in advance where possible allowing sufficient time for disinfection of surfaces, equipment and materials in between meetings.
  • Consider a designated catering area within your stand if providing complimentary food and drinks on your stand. Drinks should be served in disposable cups or individual bottles. Please note that exhibitors are not permitted to bring food and drink into the RAI Amsterdam, or have third parties other than RAI Amsterdam, do so. Food and drinks must be ordered through the RAI Amsterdam.

Wellbeing of your Personnel and Contractors

As an exhibitor, you must ensure the health, safety and welfare of your personnel and contractors as far as is reasonably practicable. Before arriving on site, exhibitors must undertake suitable actions for ensuring that their personnel and any contractors attending the show on their behalf: 

  • Are not displaying any COVID-19 related symptoms and have not been tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days.
  • Have not been in contact with their household who have displayed COVID-19 related symptoms or have been tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days.
  • Have not been in contact with any other individual(s) who has displayed COVID-19 related symptoms or has been tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days.
  • Have not been instructed to self-isolate.

If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, or if anybody in your household is displaying COVID-19 symptoms, or if you are otherwise self-isolating (either due to a recent positive COVID-19 test or otherwise), you must not attend IBC2022.