Sachin Dev Duggal

Sachin Dev Duggal

Sachin Dev Duggal

Founder and Chief Wizard,

A serial entrepreneur whose AI-powered platform,, grew almost 100% last year; and has raised over $450M since 2018 to help make building software as easy as ordering pizza.

Sachin started his career at the age of 14, building PCs, and by 17, he built one of the world’s first automatic currency arbitrage trading systems for Deutsche Bank. He started a cloud computing company, Nivio, when he was 21 and still at university (Imperial College).

Sachin was the World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer in 2009,’s Serial Entrepreneur of the Year and winner of the 2023 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, UK Overall.

He is an avid tennis player and on the board of UTS - a brand new 1hr tennis league with the worlds top 20 men’s players.

He founded the ‘Geek’s Dinner’, a diverse community of personalities from tech to film, who came together to discuss the most pressing issues challenging humanity.