Roch Nakajima

Roch Nakajima

Roch Nakajima

President of Noitom International, Inc., Noitom

Born to both French and Japanese heritage, Roch Nakajima completed his master's in development studies at Brown University in the United States. His career took him across the globe, with professional stints in the Philippines, Switzerland, and Japan, working for international organizations and pharmaceutical companies. In 1992, he relocated to Florida. 

Roch embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in Miami by founding a marketing consultancy firm, bringing the latest tech advancements to the advertising industry. His venture further expanded in 2004 with the establishment of the ROCK Group, now known as RKG Creative, an all-encompassing digital advertising enterprise. 

Always one step ahead of technological evolution, Roch was able to foresee the rise of the internet, digital content, and integrated tech-based solutions. His aptitude and specialized knowledge have enabled corporate partners to adjust to emerging technologies, and formulate marketing strategies suitable for the ever-transforming platforms. 

In 2017, Roch took over as President of Noitom International, Inc., a prominent client's international business division at the forefront of virtual reality and motion capture technology. As a leader in Asia, Europe and the Americas, Roch has cooperated with leading film studios, hardware developers, and digital content creators to spearhead a revolution in virtual production. His ongoing efforts continue to push the boundaries of immersive technology in various fields like education, entertainment, medicine, simulation, and more.