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Raymundo Barros

Raymundo Barros

Raymundo Barros

Chief Technology Officer, Globo

As CTO / CSO at Globo, Raymundo Barros is responsible for overseeing Media Supply Chain, Broadcast Engineering, Corporate IT, and Digital Products and Platforms. He spearheaded major initiatives such as the transition to digital TV and the creation and distribution of 4K, 4K HDR and 8K content, besides the launch of Globoplay, Globo’s OTT product and the Cloud Migration Program. As CSO, Raymundo leads Globo`s  digital transformation strategy helping the organization to pivot from a content centric media company into a Mediatech, launching an ambitious portfolio of D2C digital products and data monetization initiatives. Before assuming his role as CTO/CSO, Barros worked as Engineering Manager at an O&O regional station, Director of Engineering at Globo Sao Paulo, and Director of Engineering for Entertainment, where he led projects for telenovelas, series and variety shows. Raymundo has been working for Globo for almost 40 years.