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Polly Hickling

Polly Hickling

Polly Hickling

Course Leader, Media Technology, Solent

Polly is the course leader for the media technology programme at Solent University in Southampton. She joined the team in September 2009 and has had a variety of roles in research and teaching before becoming the course leader for the programme in 2013.

Polly has strong connections with the media technology industry, particularly with the course alumni and organises work experience, placements and graduate positions with companies within the broadcast industry. She is particularly interested in outside broadcasting and has gained many links with large outside broadcast providers over the last eight years. She has a keen interest in e-learning research, predominantly the use of video and mobile applications for online and distance learning and completed a master's in media applications development in 2017. She sits on the SMPTE Education Advisory Committee and the UK Board of Managers and is also the Head of Education for Women in Streaming Media.