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Muki Kulhan

Muki Kulhan

Muki Kulhan

CIO, Executive XR Producer & Creative Tech Analyst , MUKI-INTERNATIONAL

Muki is a multi-award-winning Executive XR/MetaTech Producer & Creative Technologist with over two decades of pioneering innovative, interactive & immersive experiences for music, sport, broadcasting and tech innovation. Recent work includes creative XR production and executive strategy playbooks with Red Bull, Paramount/Viacom, The National Gallery and the Cop26 Summit.   

A familiar and friendly face at IBC both on stage as Chair/MC and behind the scenes on D&I Committees and Content Steering Groups, Muki is also IBC’s Innovation Co-Lead for the globally-respected Accelerator Media Innovation Programme, leading industry-led R&D consortiums who explore groundbreaking innovation solutions via short sprint, open-collaboration. Current Accelerator project themes for 2022 include 5G XR Location-Based Extended Realities (IBC’s Project of the Year 2021), 5G XR Arenas of the Future, Digital Interactive Athletes, Real-Time 3D Asset/Spatial Design, 6DoF Immersive & Spatial Metaverse Audio, Volumetric & Virtual Production, Cloud-Based Localisation, Cloud Live Events, Blockchain Media, to name a few.