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Maxime Carboni

Maxime Carboni

Maxime Carboni

Director of Worldwide Distribution, Euronews Group
As the director of worldwide distribution of Euronews Group, Maxime Carboni is overseeing all content formats sales globally on all platforms and models, , including Ad supported ones, in the sake of developing Euronews' and Africanews’ reach and revenue streams . He is responsible for managing teams based in Lyon, Paris and Singapore. Previously, Maxime headed the distribution department for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Thema, a Canal+ company for 5 years, leading the distribution and revenues of sports, lifestyle, ethnic and music media as well as Canal+ products within TV, OTT and mobile environments. Before Thema, Maxime was the Distribution Manager Europe for France 24 and RFI Radio distribution after starting working over the business development for the Out of Home distribution for France 24 globally in 2011.