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Lorenzo Zanni

Lorenzo Zanni

Lorenzo Zanni

Head of Knowledge, IABM

A graduate of Pisa, Durham, Swansea, and Glasgow Universities, Lorenzo Zanni holds a BSc in Economics and Management, an MSc in Business Economics, and an MSc in Data Analytics.

Lorenzo found a perfect fit for his passion for economic and business analysis when he joined IABM in 2015; the broadcast and media industry was just beginning to embrace data to drive its technology and business development strategies.

Lorenzo has been responsible for growing IABM’s Business Intelligence portfolio into the authoritative, widely referenced, member resource it is today. He has overseen the restructuring of the full range of reports to deliver more focused, actionable, and data-driven business intelligence.

Lorenzo’s research is widely quoted in international industry publications and conferences, including SVG and IBC365. He has also presented at shows and conferences around the world, including IBC, NAB Show, Cabsat and InterBEE.