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Liz Davis

Liz Davis

Liz Davis

President, Digital Solutions, Diversified

Liz Davis has shaped the digital media landscape for the past 15 years by driving innovation and educating on the digital revolution from broadcast, cloud solutions, AI integration and workflow automation. Throughout her career, Liz has been on the forefront of both creative and technology advancement and combined the two seamlessly. As President of Digital at Diversified, Liz’s team helps drive multi-platform engagement using optimized media supply chain and real-time spherical customer data, for adaptive digital experiences.

Through her leadership at Diversified, JB&A, Magnet Media and AbelCine, Liz has continuously guided companies to navigate emerging technologies, and ultimately, grow their business through developing a programmatic strategy for video infrastructure. Focusing on the intersection of technology and psychology in Media Supply Chain, Liz has helped brands realize their growth potential, maximizing ROIs, and enabling an AGILE creative workforce. Liz has led collaborations with Google, Disney, Blackrock, major networks and countless major league sport teams around the world. With her experience at the highest level, she has her eyes set on the future of consumer needs, client goals and technological possibilities