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Kevin Baillie

Kevin Baillie

Kevin Baillie

Visual Effects Supervisor and CEO

Kevin is CEO and VFX Supervisor at Atomic Fiction, an effects studio with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Montreal. There, he has supervised visuals for projects including two Star Trek movies, two Transformers franchise installments, and the award-winning VFX for Robert Zemeckis's live action films, Flight and The Walk. He is currently in production on Zemeckis' upcoming movie, Allied.

Before launching Atomic Fiction, Baillie supervised at ImageMovers Digital on animated features. Prior to his work at IMD, Baillie helmed VFX at The Orphanage on award-winning movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Night at the Museum, Superman Returns, Harry Potter and Hellboy. 

Kevin is also CEO of ConductorIO, a software company offering cloud rendering to the masses.

Baillie's film career began very early on, when he joined Lucasfilm's JAK Films division as a pre-visualization artist on Star Wars Episode I at the age of 18.

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