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Jaap Dekkinga

Jaap Dekkinga

Jaap Dekkinga


Jaap Dekkinga is the founder of TuneURL. He created technology that enables clickable audio hyperlinks that allow audiences to engage in the moment with any type of content (i.e., digital, analog, audio, video) and measure the interactions and attributions of each audio hyperlink.

Jaap founded TuneURL after the realization that engaging with audiences is a constant challenge especially for audio. He was driving in the car and heard an ad for windows. He was interested and willing to act but couldn’t since he was driving. Sharing information with an audience enhances content and deepens the connection between the host and its listeners. TuneURL technology makes it actionable and effective. Jaap believes that the audience is the lifeblood of (audio) content and being successful also means effectively monetizing that content.