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Ian Wagdin

Ian Wagdin

Ian Wagdin

Senior Technology Transfer Manager, BBC

Ian works for BBC R&D as senior technology transfer manager.  He has worked in production since 1997 and has been at the forefront of many changes including the move from SD to HD and from tape based to file based workflows. He joined R&D in 2015 having previously worked in News, Television, Children’s and Technology departments. His current areas of focus are the transition to  IP and cloud infrastructures as well as general production workflows and 5G. Ian is also chair of the EBU 5G in Content Production working group and the 5G MAG working group on content production (commercial). He has contributed to several works on 5G use cases for media as well as standards bodies in both the telecoms and broadcasting environments and is active in a number of tests and trails exploring the boundaries of wireless IP production.