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Edo Kweldam

Edo Kweldam

Edo Kweldam

Managing director, SCTE / CAI Harderwijk

In 1993, Edo joined the local cable company CAI Harderwijk as member of the technical staff. On 1 January 2006 Edo Kweldam was appointed managing director of CAI Harderwijk.

Strategically, CAI Harderwijk developed a network philosophy based on openness and optimal competition between multiple service providers. This focus on the role of network partner led to the rollout of FTTH in the municipality of Harderwijk to all homes including all rural areas. Since 2015, the incumbent DSL operator also offers its services via the Harderwijk glass-fibre network, making all services available via the open-network model. In 2015, the European Commissioner awarded CAI Harderwijk’s open network with the European Broadband Award.