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Atul Bansal

Atul Bansal

Atul Bansal

Chief Technology Officer, Britbox

Atul Bansal is a Media and Technology executive with over 20 years of experience in entertainment products and technology.  He currently serves as Chief Technology Officer of Britbox, responsible for overall Product and Technology strategy and operations.  Initially brought on to expand Britbox’s presence in North America, he is now tasked with Bribox’s global expansion and growth.  He comes with a diverse career in large media organizations including DIRECTV, AT&T and HBO with leadership roles in Product Management, Technology, Digital Transformation, Marketing and Customer Care. In these roles, Atul has built high-performing teams that drive international operations and deliver high revenue growth. He brings extensive experience in creating and executing large-scale Direct-to-Consumer subscription products combining strategic with operational expertise to drive Customer Acquisition, Retention and Engagement goals.