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Antony Joyce

Antony Joyce

Antony Joyce

Head of Architecture & Technology Platforms, UKTV

Antony has extensive industry experience in technology architecture, product development and technology strategy. At UKTV, as Head of Architecture and Technology Platforms he has focused on modernising the media supply chain. Building a development capability to deliver a cloud native, server-less media processing capability, that comprises the heart of UKTV’s media operations.

Antony started out working hands-on delivering IT managed service, focused predominantly on M&E organisations. Over the last fifteen years in a variety of architecture roles, Antony has travelled the world delivering OTT platforms. Working onsite to launch services in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. While at Nokia, Antony as principal architect headed up the multi-nation architecture team. Later as Director of CloudDRV Product Antony led the product organisation delivering Nokia’s CloudDVR product suite. Antony has a proven track record delivering systems at scale for some of the world’s largest Telco, Media brands and platform operators.