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Annsofi Eriksson

Annsofi Eriksson

Annsofi Eriksson

CIO, Swedish Radio

I have more than 20 years of experience from IT-leadership within large multinational companies in Engineering-, Telecom- and Finance Industry. Since February this year, I am the CIO of Swedish Radio, which aim to provide enriching programs for all Swedes, wherever they live and regardless of their, age gender and cultural background. 

I am excited about change, transformation, and the interaction between human and technology. I was lucky to join SR in times where audio and IT are merging. We are on an exciting digitizing journey aiming for traditional and new technology to coexist and create an excellent audience experience on both FM and on SR’s digital platforms. As new technology is entering the arena and the IT-landscape is developing, the access to listening will be even easier, wherever you are and whenever you want.