9-12 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Social Impact Shortlist

music for all

Name of Project: MTV EMAs "Music for ALL"

Recipient: Paramount

Project summary: Post-pandemic, the 2021 MTV EMAs were planned to take place in Budapest, before Hungary passed strict anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, including gay people on television. Rather than try to reschedule, MTV stuck to its core values and leaned into the moment, using the power of its platforms to combat this discriminatory legislation, and stand with the LGBTQ+ community in Hungary and around the world.


Name of Project: Emerging Film Makers

Recipient: Ethekwini

Project summary: Ethekwini Filmmakers Association is a non-profit, established to pioneer a generation of young filmmakers, literature and films that will drive the development of a film industry in Kwa-Zulu Natal and pave the way for the telling of authentic, unadulterated South African stories in the film medium. It seeks to discover and nurture untapped film-making talent in the province by ensuring that film-making skills become available to young aspirants in their own languages.