Immersive and learnings from other industries

Friday, September 14th
15:00 - 16:00

Although most of the discussions around AR and VR at IBC 2018 will be on next-generation immersive content for broadcast and media, industrial environments are also becoming ever richer in data, thus presenting challenges to the operators tasked with extracting knowledge (and value) from enterprise-grade applications.

As part of a suite of technologies, applied visualisation techniques, when harnessed with enterprise IoT and informatics, can provide the operator with a more intuitive method for Human Machine Interfacing (HMI).

This session will encourage those working in the field of visualisation and virtual reality (VR) to share their expertise, good practice, hardware and software advances as well as applications of VR, Augmented Reality (AR) and data capture and visualisation. Hear first-hand experiences from industry experts working across sectors on the effective use of visualisation to drive innovation and identifying opportunities within your sector.

Limina Immersive
Theme lead for Digital Manufacturing and technical fellow for Augmented Reality (AR)
Anagram Consulting
Head of Digital