IBC2018 Convention Keynote: Blockchain: Empowering content creators

Friday, September 14th
09:15 - 10:15

The hype about blockchain’s impact on Media & Entertainment often overlooks the critical crypto-community values that are driving each company’s discovery, investment and potential adoption: Transparency; Decentralization; Disintermediation and Democratization. While cryptocurrencies are currently seen as more publicity than purpose, the underlying blockchain technology has the essential elements to make a significant impact on how we create, manage and/or distribute entertainment content in the future. Artists and creators are looking at new ways to partner with content companies to address their goals of creative independence, IP ownership and financial transparency. This Keynote presentation looks at how tokens can be used to manage rights/revenue automatically using smart contracts and explores the tools and systems required to support creatives in this emerging, dynamic and empowering ecosystem.


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