Enabling 4K/8K/HDR/NGA/HFR World Class TV Entertainment

Friday, September 14th
14:10 - 15:00

At this year’s FIFA World Cup, UHD in 4K and HDR came of age and over the next few years there are additional new entertainment product, content and display technologies being standardised and coming to consumers through further enhancements to High Dynamic Range, High Frame Rate, next-generation audio and higher-resolution displays.

The delivery of these technologies are pushing the development of encoding, compression and display technology for a multi-resolution, multi-device and IP-delivered television-everywhere world.

This session brings together experts from the companies behind these technology developments to explain the drivers behind these visual and audio enhancements and how they are addressing the challenges.

Director of Imaging Standards and Technology
CTO and VP Product
DigitalRefugee Consultants
Head of Broadcast and Connected Systems
BBC Research & Development
Founder Fairmile West and Chair of Ultra HD Forum Interoperability WG
Ultra HD Forum