DVB at 25: End of the line or start of a new adventure?

Friday, September 14th
11:30 - 12:45

DVB created the technical specifications that ushered in the age of digital television. Those who contributed to the work of the DVB Project can be rightly proud of all that has been achieved in the 25 years since its foundation. While it is arguably the most successful organisation of its kind, DVB operates now in a much-changed landscape for technology standardisation, with a multitude of other bodies creating specifications for media delivery. Does DVB still have a contribution to make? And, if so, what should it be?


This special conference session, open to all IBC attendees, will consider DVB's legacy and discuss how it can best help the media industry to address the challenges of OTT and IP delivery. Following a keynote from Wilfried Urner, CEO of MX1 (media services subsidiary of SES), a high-level panel, featuring a representative from each of DVB's four member constituencies, will tease out the future challenges for the industry and the role that DVB can play.


Refreshments will be offered to all attendees immediately following the session, courtesy of DVB.

11:30: Introduction from Helmut Stein (ISDM), outgoing chair of DVB Promotion & communications module
Chair Dvb-Pcm
11:40: Keynote: DVB and SES Astra – a common success story - Wilfried Urner
12:00: Panel Discussion, moderated by Peter MacAvock (EBU), Chair of DVB Project
Chief Engineer, Broadcast Strategy
Director of Technology and Engineering
Director of Content Policy
Chairman of the Steering Board
12:30: Questions from the floor
12:40: Wrap-up from Session Chair; invitation to refreshments outside conference room
12:45: End of Session.