Tech Talks: Codec wars

Sunday, September 16th
09:15 - 10:45

One of the biggest economic advantages in all of media technology accrues from video compression; the complex process which allows us to represent moving images in a highly efficient information-rich form.  As we seek to deliver UHDTV and VR-360 video through limited channels, there is huge pressure on the world’s experts to find new tricks which will lead to yet lower transmission rates. In this fascinating session these experts will tell us about recent progress and predict remarkable future performance gains.

Part 2 is a unique panel discussion lifting the lid on serious disquiet in the world of the video compression companies:

All these clever compression tricks are patented before they are written into new standards and this is resulting in very high licence fees for implementers. Now these implementers are wondering if their best option is no longer with the traditional international standards but might lie with 'upstart' rivals. Could this herald a breakdown in the trusted standards processes? Could the problem spread to other media technologies? Does it matter?

The panel will consist of speakers from: ATEME, BBC, Divideon and Zetacast and will be moderated by Ben Keen.  

AV1: Implementation, performance and applications
Consultant, Business Development & Technology
The xvc video codec “ a revolutionary software-defined video compression format
Co-founder and CEO
An overview of recent video coding developments in MPEG and AOMedia
R&D Engineer
Analyst & Advisor - Technology, Media & Telecoms
Supporting Paper: Understanding the video codec jungle: A comparison of TCO and compression efficiency
UHDF President
Technology Transfer and Partnerships Manager