FKTG: AI for Media Production

Monday, September 17th
16:30 - 18:00

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be the next big thing in data intense application areas. AI has now arrived in media production and promises to revolutionise the content creation and production processes dramatically. 

Based on data analysis, data science and machine learning algorithms new way for journalistic investigations, automatic creation of news, automated or assisted analysis of archive material, text and subtitling become possible. During sport and live events real time analysis of data may allow intelligent visualisation and interpretation of e.g. soccer, tennis or any other sport enhanced by augmented information. Using AI in object based next generation audio or video will allow artificial sound balancing enabling new creativity and production freedom. AI driven bots may assist from production down to distribution up to the end-user. The panel will give current views on today´s status of AI in media production,discusses chances and risks and will look into the future of further AI developments

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