Big Screen Programme

For IBC2018 the programme focused on how innovation in tech is allowing us to bring stories to life like never before. A world-class forum where creativity meets tech, the Big Screen programme allowed us to hear from the talent behind the camera on everything from big event programming to boxset dramas and a deep dive into the tech bringing this content to our screens. 

09:30 - 10:15
10:25 - 10:55
10:55 - 11:10
10:45 - 11:00
Big Screen
11:10 - 11:55
11:55 - 12:15
11:55 - 12:15
Big Screen
12:15 - 13:00
12:15 - 13:00
Big Screen

Join us for breathtaking showreels and stunning images that will spark your imagination and feed your creativity. Immerse yourself in ARRI’s latest technologies and experience them first hand with the latest productions—from feature films, commercials, and documentaries. See for yourself the outstanding image quality of ARRI´s new large-format camera system featuring the ALEXA LF camera and the ARRI Signature Prime lenses.

14:30 - 17:45
14:00 - 17:45
Big Screen

An annual fixture of IBC, The EDCF Global Update session brings you up to speed with the latest business and technology developments in cinema around the world from manufacture through mastering, distribution and exhibition.

Starting with a review of the state of the world-wide industry, leading practitioners from Europe and the USA share their experiences looking at the up-to-date-issues.

Among the many areas of discussion and explanation will be:-

  • Reasons for transition to SMPTE DCP, progress to date and plans for the rest of Europe
  • The transition to Laser illumination - crossing the chasm
  • Standards for new presentation technologies
  • AI applications in versioning
  • Direct View screens – the future of cinema?
  • The EDCF/UNIC Guide to Best Practice in cinema presentation

A networking drinks reception will follow at the end of the presentations

14:30 - 14:45 Global Summary
Head of Cinema
14:45 - 15:15 SMPTE DCP Project, launch of
Head of Technology and Development
Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema
Senior Workflow Engineer
Sundog Media Toolkit
VP, Media Technology Standards
Deluxe Distribution
Chief Technical Officer
15:15 -15:30 Transition to laser - crossing the chasm
Product Manager
15:30 -15:40 Standards for new technologies
15:40 - 15:55 Foundation for open source software & The Academy DSM specification
Managing Director, Science and Technology Council
Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences
15:55 - 16:05 Cinema in 2050
Audio Video Orpheus
16:05 - 16:15 Low latency networks in education and traditional distribution
Media System Specialist
16:15 - 16:25 AI applications in versioning
16:25 - 16:40 EDCF Best Practice Guide, audio conformance
Julian Pinn Ltd
16:40 - 17:40 Direct View, Now & Future
Sales Director, Digital Cinema Europe
Sony Digital Cinema
Cinema Business Development Manager Europe
Mission Rock Digital