Sponsorship Contract Next Steps

Thank you for signing your sponsorship contract

You have been sent a copy of your application by Docusign for your records.

Below you will find important information on the next steps in the process.

We recommend you bookmark this page in order to access it later.

Do you still have questions? Contact the IBC Team on sales@ibc.org

More Promotional Opportunities


Sponsorship Fulfilment

The deliverables of your sponsorship items are included on your contract with their relevant specifications and deadlines, such as logos or advertising files. Please send this at your earliest convenience and well ahead of any deadlines to allow us to provide you with necessary feedback. If you have not received any information or clear enough guidance, please contact sales@ibc.org or the contact listed on the contract.

Finance & invoicing

IBC will send you an invoice shortly for this sponsorship amount. Before 31st May 2020 this is payable within 30 days of receipt of invoice and after 31st May 2020 this should be paid immediately upon receipt of invoice. Note where payment of an invoice is not made IBC will not deliver the contracted sponsorship items and exhibitors may also be barred from participating in their exhibition space if payment is not received before IBC2020.

Cancellation Terms

To formally cancel your signed sponsorship contract you must write to sales@ibc.org. The following cancellation terms apply:

Cancellation on or before 31st May 2020 – 50% of Sponsorship Fee.
Cancellation after 31st May 2020, including contracts entered into after 31st May 2020 – 100% of Sponsorship Fee.

These details can be found in the terms and conditions attached to your sponsorship contract (item 10)


Promotional Opportunities

Thank you for organising your current promotional package with us in this contract. If you were not already aware, there are several other ways to promote your brand, to generate leads and build brand exposure. You can do this during the whole year, not just at the show, by using IBC’s wider channels including IBC365. Please find all sponsorship and promotional opportunities here

We also recommend that you read the Reach Your Audience brochure and have a think about ways to promote your presence at IBC2020 and get more meetings booked pre-show, more visitors to your stand onsite and a fuller follow-up system planned post-show.

If you would like to discuss your year-round marketing campaigns and see what IBC opportunities exist, please reach out to us at sales@ibc.org.