Next Generation News Studio

Next Generation News Studio, developed concepts for what the next generation news studio will look like, examining how integrating the latest production technologies and techniques can deliver news coverage for upcoming audiences – and futureproof it in the process

Champions: TV2, BBC News, Production Park, Warner Bros. Discovery, BBC, Reuters

Participants: NxtEdition, Singular.Live, White Light

The Challenge Objective:

Editorial the challenges are, that the newsroom is expected to support multiple different types of output: Linear flow tv, online stream, OTT pop up channels, audio as radio and podcast, online web content text-video-graphic, graphic content seamless shared between CMS and streaming.

What's the purpose of a news studio in the future: is the host real, virtual or an avatar, do we need seats for guest or will it all be switching live signals, is it one linear output or will it support object based output, is it one-purpose-only or will it act as a production “hub” to support multiple different formats – live stream, podcast, 1:1, vertical or horizontal video, Dolby Atmos audio, HTML graphic integrated into CMS.

The Aim of the POC:

To  explore and define a futureproof concept for the News studio - bringing together a wide range of disruptive, innovative technology and editorial reporting concepts. 

The Innovation:

The project aimed to experiment with and ultimately create a blueprint for which technologies and techniques could and should be incorporated into new  workflows for next generation news creation, management and delivery. Technologies examined included:

- AR / VR / XR 3D graphics
- Virtual set and LED wall
- Photorealistic graphics
- Moving light
- UHD HDR camera systems – camera robots - trackless
- 5G private wireless network
- ST2110 and NMOS
- AI, cloud services and automated workflow
- Dolby Atmos audio
- Object based production
- Story Management system and storycentric output



Proof of Concept

Kickstart Day Pitch