Media Content Sharing, Monetization and Micropayment Systems via Blockchain

Media Content Sharing, Monetisation and Micropayment Systems via Blockchain explored how over-the-top (OTT) platforms can utilise Blockchain for content sharing, micropayments and incentivising new users via NFTs and tokens.

Champions: DAZN, Barco Digital Cinema 

Participants: Tata Elxsi, Eluvio

The Challenge Objective:

This IBC Accelerator Challenge explored how OTT service providers could offer micro channels to share specific content with friends and family and bring in more revenue. It also explored how NFTs or other token exchange mechanisms can incentivise, leading to a greater reach of that OTT platform with the potential for those new users to become full subscribers later.

The rapid growth of subscription services has brought subscription anxiety, with many people feeling confused by the plethora of options. They may be  overwhelmed and feel unable to make choices, not knowing which services they can watch their preferred content on, and be unwilling to pay for additional OTT services. However, they are likely to be open to specific content recommendations by friends if it enables them to receive the content with the potential that could go on to subscribe to that OTT service.

To accomplish this, the Challenge also explored how an OTT platform can provide an easy way of sharing entire referral content without building subscription anxiety in potential subscribers, and increase ROI on premium content for the service provider. This could be done via an add-on feature to the OTT app to increase revenue for SVOD players like DAZN, and increase reach for public service broadcasts, such as the BBC.

The Aim of the POC:

Aim to achieve content sharing between authenticated subscribers and non-subscribers with Blockchain for media workflow

Change the way content is monetised and consumed through micro-distribution channels (subscribed users as distribution channels)

Develop a system to incentivise the subscriber for sharing content

Realise the incentivisation through NFTs or other token exchange mechanisms

Provide a business tool that will grow SVOD paying subscribers and grow reach/unique users of the OTT platform, whether free at the point of use, or paid

The Innovation:

The Innovation of this Challenge explored:

* A world/media-first with the use of Blockchain to enable subscribing sharers to be rewarded by NFTs or other tokens to encourage that behaviour

* Personal recommendations by family and friends are the most powerful recommendation of all. What has not been done before is to enable friends and family to actually share (some) content (legally) with non-subscribers

* The project saw the Eluvio content fabric platform integrated with the Tata Elxsi platform, supported by data analytics from Perfect Memory, for exploration of deployment by DAZN, BBC and Barco Digital Cinema



Proof of Concept

Kickstart Day Pitch