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Live and Remote Production Workflow Tour

Live and Remote Production Workflow Tour



Rick Young

Rick Young - SVP, Global Products, LTN Global  

A media technology and services executive, Rick Young directs global product strategy for the LTN Ecosystem. Rick has held senior leadership roles at news organizations, content owners, and technology providers ranging from startups to global brands.  

Throughout his career, Rick has focused on the intersection of media and technology, from content creation and delivery to consumer experience perspectives. 

Charles Theiss

Charles Theiss - Director of Network Distribution, SportsGrid 

Charles Theiss leads network distribution for SportsGrid, the first 24-hour audio and video sports wagering network. With more than 30 years in the media industry, including in senior executive roles, he has developed integrated media solutions and led ad sales and operations. Charles launched the CNN Everywhere wireless platform and relaunched the CBS Television Station Group website.   


Carl Petch, Head of Architecture & Integration at Telstra Broadcast Services, Telstra Corporation 

Carl Petch is the Head of Architecture and Integration for Telstra Broadcast Services, and leads the global Broadcast and Media Solutions Architecture team. Over the past two years he has also been deeply involved with the design and build of the new Telstra Broadcast Operations Centre in Sydney, the hub of our global media operations, and has also contributed to the development of the Telstra Global Media Network. Carl is internationally recognised as an evangelist and expert on broadcast and IP, and has consulted with many of Telstra’s customers and partners on the move to IP for broadcast operations and remote production workflows. Prior to Telstra, Carl had senior roles with Sky Racing and Globecast. 


Steven Dargham, Head of Major Events at Telstra Broadcast Services, Telstra Corporation  

Steven Dargham is the Head of Major Events at Telstra Broadcast Services, and has over 27 years of experience in the telecom and technology industry. Since the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Steven has been working with Telstra’s sports, broadcast and media customers to deliver major live international events such as the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups, Commonwealth Games, Asian and SEA Games, and numerous international tennis events including the Grand Slams. Steven also led the Telstra support of James Cameron’s Deep Sea Challenge mission to the Pacific Ocean, architecting the network that helped the team connect, communicate and deliver the live broadcast of the historic expedition to the Mariana Trench’s lowest point, the Challenger Deep, which lies 10.99 kilometres below the ocean’s surface. 

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How SportsGrid grew exponentially by integrating IP-powered cloud production and distribution workflows  

When the pandemic forced SportsGrid’s studios to close, the production team needed a new way to produce and distribute live content. They quickly began using LTN’s cloud production services and intelligent IP transport and distribution to deliver 18 hours a day of live sports betting coverage in broadcast quality with ultra-low latency. SportsGrid’s ability to provide engaging content during the pandemic helped them grow to reach more than 100 million households across all major digital platforms and channels. 

Charles Theiss and Rick Young discuss how using cloud-based automation and workflows can help content providers reach more markets, platforms, and audiences without significant capex.  


Remote production workflows that seemed to be optional pre-pandemic are now considered essential. Telstra has been on the forefront of remote production development. Since 2017, Telstra delivers international remote production by transporting content of all value from venues to remote facilities between Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. Join Carl Petch, Head of Architecture & Integration at Telstra Broadcast Services, and Steven Dargham, Head of Major Events at Telstra Broadcast Services, as they discuss the benefits of international remote production.