Telco & Media Innovation Forum 2019 Programme

Thursday 12 September 2019

Reshaping the digital landscape.

A dedicated programme within the IBC Executive Forums, the Telco & Media Innovation Forum will explore reshaping the digital landscape.

As 5G becomes a reality across the entire ecosystem and the shift towards using data to manage assets and resource efficiently continues, the impact is widespread and varied; from watching content on your mobile device to in-vehicle entertainment, from making your home smarter and safer to embedding IoT solutions across Smart City initiatives and technologies, where a plethora of enabled networks communicate with each other, the possibilities are endless. 

As consumers become increasingly astute and demanding, the Forum will examine what this 5G enabled ecosystem will look like, how collaboration is key and the converging worlds of telcos, broadcasters and the wider media industry can effectively reach the end user by forming positive partnerships.

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  1. Event registration and networking breakfast
    Forum Lounge
    45 mins
  2. The Forum
    15 mins
  3. The Forum
    15 mins
  4. Networking Break
    15 mins
  5. Emerald
    40 mins
    In this session, we’ll hear from Warner Media and Android TV key trends, ambitions, challenges and opportunities arising in the broadcasting and media industry. Find out how these leaders see the futu ...
  6. Executive Forums Networking Lunch
    The Executive Lounge
    90 mins
    Delegates from all three Executive Forums will come together for a facilitated networking lunch.
  7. Emerald
    15 mins
    Telco is in transition from the era of voice to data and now to visual content. According to Cisco VNNI 2019 report by 2022, >82% of all IP traffic will be video. Users expect rich, immersive and highly interactive visual experiences anytime, anywhere and on any device. Delivery to these expectations requires us to re-think platform requirements. In addition, the supply chain is disrupting with cloud, media and enterprise finding ways to leverage their unique assets to capitalize on this new opportunity. What will it take to emerge as a leader in this new visual economy?
  8. Emerald
    15 mins
  9. Networking Break
    25 mins
  10. Emerald
    10 mins
  11. Executive Forums Networking Event
    90 mins
    Delegates from all three Executive Forums are invited to join us for an exclusive networking event to conclude the day's programme.