Leaders' Forum 2019 Programme

Thursday 12 September 2019

The business of innovation.

A dedicated programme within the IBC Executive Forums, the Leaders’ Forum will discuss how to innovate and form positive partnerships, delving into what businesses need to do to transform, evolve and thrive – including acquisition, collaboration, advancing company culture and talent acquisition. We’ll review the latest opportunities and issues, all set against the ever-changing media environment. 

Intimate expert panels, keynotes and case studies will deconstruct the industry’s new super alliances, discussing how specific deals were done, the merits of different funding models and how media companies can fill the talent gap by borrowing from Silicon Valley and beyond to go direct to consumer. 

Plus, we’ll look at how the drama world is leading when it comes to implementing new business models, allowing it to thrive on the global stage and how other industries can borrow from these success stories.

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  1. Event registration and networking breakfast
    Forum Lounge
    45 mins
  2. The Forum
    15 mins
  3. The Forum
    15 mins
  4. Networking Break
    15 mins
  5. The Forum
    40 mins
  6. Executive Forums Networking Lunch
    The Executive Lounge
    90 mins
    Delegates from all three Executive Forums will come together for a facilitated networking lunch.
  7. The Forum
    15 mins
    Addressable advertising on the Television has finally arrived, and it is global! Addressable advertising on TV will open up vast, untapped reserves of economic value in the form of audience, content, connectivity, distribution, and data. Like all economic windfalls, critical enabling factors for success must first be in place. For addressable advertising, these factors will be collection, analysis, and development of new use cases for addressable audience data. What has to happen next? Which data do we need to collect and where can/should we collect it? How much enterprise value will we create if we get this right?
  8. Networking Break
    30 mins
  9. The Forum
    15 mins
  10. The Forum
    15 mins
  11. The Forum
    15 mins
  12. Executive Forums Networking Event
    90 mins
    Delegates from all three Executive Forums are invited to join us for an exclusive networking event to conclude the day's programme.