Cyber Security Forum

Keeping Your Future Business Safe

This one-day, invitation-only event brings together Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers,Chief Information Security Officers and Chief Digital Officers within media and broadcasting to have a candid conversation on what the cyberwar means for broadcasters, how to anticipate the next cyber threat and how to manage a breach. 

The programme for 2018 focuses on how to effectively manage cyber risk in broadcast and gives insight into how to develop and implement an effective cyber security strategy across the entire organisation to protect their business now and the future.

Broadcasters are ‘particular targets’ for hackers

 “Brutally frank conversations” are needed inside broadcasting organisations about the scale of the cyber security threat they all face, lBC’s Cyber Security Forum hears.

Broadcasters are not in the front line of the battle of cyber security, IBC’s forum on the subject was told by a leading US cyber security specialist. “You are the battlefield,” the lawyer warned...

2018 Programme

The CISO has never been so important. With cyber-attacks grabbing headlines around the world organisations are realising that they need to move from a reactive, fire-fighting mode, to a proactive stance so that boards stay ahead of and manage potentially devastating risks.

CISOs need to drive a comprehensive cyber plan for managing people, capital and technology risks across the entire organisation by aligning and integrating the relevant functions into a cohesive, cyber resilient business. As threats continue to unfold, companies face a serious risk to their brand and bottom line so it is vital that CISOs build out a strategy that prioritises the risks they face now and in the future.

The forum examined: What does an effective cyber security strategy look like? How does the senior management team agree on a budget to maximise the return on the security investment? What are the emerging threats business need to be aware of and how can they future proof their organisations against them?

2018 Topics

2018 topics included:

  • Risk vs. ROI – How Can Broadcasters Effectively Manage Cyber Risk?
  • Risk, Resilience and Reputation: Being Cyber Secure Across Your Entire Organisations
  • Cyber Security And Collaboration: Is Information Sharing The Way Forward?
  • Where in the World Is My Data?  Who Owns It, Who Needs It And Who Has Accountability For It
  • Weaponising IoT and AI: Current Challenges and Future Threats