Advances in video coding and processing

Advances in video coding and processing

Moderator: Alberto Duenas, Video Specialist - Warner Bros. Discovery


Hojatollah Yeganeh, Principal Video Architect and Research Lead  - IMAX

Nelson Francisco, Principal Video Compression Engineer  - MediaKind

Benjamin Bross, Head of Video Coding Systems - Fraunhofer HHI

Gosala Kulupana, Lead R&D Engineer - BBC R&D

In this extended session we have four authors presenting current research spanning a range of important video processing topics – encoding, super-resolution and sustainability. These include: (i) a tutorial review and performance comparison into the art of machine learning based super-resolution – with both impressive results and useful insight; (ii) a unique and detailed subjective assessment of current solutions to an old and challenging problem – maintaining creative intent when encoding film grain; (iii) a demonstration of the clear performance benefits using the new VVC coding tool “reference picture resampling”, can bring when adaptive streaming; and (iv) a means to significantly reduce the power consumption in HDR displays by employing machine learnt “region of interest” detection and a just-noticeable difference approach to luminosity adaptation. Here, the authors used an objective assessment technique across a selection of different display types resulting in a useful reduction in power consumption. This session is further supported by another VVC encoding paper, this one focused on 8K-60fps real-time encoding and provides comparative compression performance and discussion on computational resource requirements.