5G technology - convergence with broadcast

5G technology - convergence with broadcast

Moderator: Simon Pike, Spectrum Expert - Consultant


Alessandro Lucco-Castello, Researcher - RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana


Thomas Stockhammer, Senior Director, Technical Standards - Qualcomm

Broadcast delivery at scale combined with seamless unicast delivery to ensure coverage and service augmentation is the promise. But how close are we? In this three-paper session RAI (and its co-contributors) will present a comprehensive overview of an extensive 5G Broadcast deployment in Italy, covering the cities of Turin and Palermo with High Power High Tower (HPHT) transmitters combined with a CDN distribution for deploying hybrid 5G Broadcast/Broadband services. Qualcomm will present a technically detailed analysis of how 5G broadcast is designed to reuse current 5G mobile hardware and protocol stacks. They will also include a performance comparison with ATSC3.0. Finally, Dolby (alongside its co-authors) will present an overview of ETSI’s Technical Report on deployment guidelines for DVB-I service delivery over 5G Systems, closing a missing piece of the convergence puzzle.