Episode 1: Have I got news for new audiences…?

Episode 1: Have I got news for new audiences…?

Available from 11th August 

“If it’s in your soul, as well as in your brain - that gives you the best chance of success” 

Nadira Tudor talks to former BBC Editorial Director and now co-founder of social media news platform, The News Movement, Kamal Ahmed about his zeal for zoomers and changing the rules of engagement.

Having always spoken of the need to modernise news and target younger audiences, changemaker Kamal Ahmed found himself in a position to walk his talk by co-founding The News Movement, a social-first platform, aimed at 18 to 25-year-olds.

So where did it all start, how did he navigate the change and what has been achieved so far?   

In this interview you’ll hear Kamal’s journey to setting a new agenda for youth audiences and the importance of listening.

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