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IBC2024 Booking Process

IBC2024 Booking Process

What are Show History Points?

Also known as Priority Points, SHP are used to determine the order in which exhibitors may choose spaces on the floorplan for the upcoming show. 

Ten points are awarded for exhibiting and one point is earned for every £2,000 spent directly with IBC between exhibition space, meeting space and sponsorships during that calendar year. 

Exhibitors will be invited to their meeting appointments in show history point order. 

Before IBC2021, exhibitors earned SHP on a slightly different algorithm. These points are carried over and this new system is used for awarding points from IBC2021 onwards. As IBC2022 was our first show back since 2019, exhibitors were rewarded double points for that show year*. 

*for those companies that signed before 29 July 2022

Do Co-Exhibitors Gain Show History Points?

Co-exhibitors do not gain show history points.  Co-exhibitors may also engage in sponsorship*, which earns points.

*A minimum spend for co-exhibitors will apply 

What happens if an exhibiting company acquires another exhibiting company that has accrued show history points over the years?  

 The show history points of the two companies will not be combine. Instead, the highest point value of either exhibitor will be applied to the remaining exhibiting company and the other points lost. This must take place before 28 July 2023 to be applied to the IBC2024 booking cycle.

What happens if two companies split, or a smaller business unit of an existing exhibitor wants to have its own space?  

The show history points of the second company will start at zero and it must begin to earn its own points. Points cannot later be applied to the parent company. 

Can my company lose show history points?

If you do not earn points for two consecutive years, your show history points will be reset to zero. Due to the disruption caused by the pandemic in the last 2 years,  this was extended to three years. Exhibitors who were last contracted to exhibit at IBC2019 and did not contract with IBC for IBC2020 and IBC2021, or exhibit at IBC2022 were reset to zero on 29 July 2022. 

It has always been IBC’s policy that exhibitors who do not exhibit for two consecutive years have their points reset to zero. Points are now earned for sponsorship spend as well so sponsors without stand space who earn points through sponsorship do not have their points reset to zero having not exhibited. 

I am exhibiting as part of an International Pavilion; do I accrue show history points?

New since IBC2021 - Pavilion exhibitors will gain the 10 participation points for each year exhibited. No additional points will be given unless the pavilion exhibitor spends on sponsorship directly with IBC at the event or during the year.   

Can I see what points my neighbours have so that I can predict what might happen to my stand?

Yes a list of all exhibitors’ show history points are will be available to view on  IBC2023 Stand Booking (ibc-rebooking.org). Login details will be sent to you from the last week of August 2022. 

Can I request for other companies not to be near to me?

Exhibitors cannot determine who their neighbouring stands are. At the point of booking, you can see who has booked already and decide based on the current layout. We will also have previous show year floorplans available so you can see where companies have historically been placed. 

How does my appointment for IBC2024 booking work?

Stand booking for exhibitors in the first 50 highest show history point group will take place from 11-23 August 2023. All other existing exhibitors will be eligible to book at the IBC2023 show from Saturday 16 September - Monday 18 September according to your allocated booking appointment time.  

If you are a brand new company looking to exhibit at IBC2024 we will host a booking day for you on Thursday 28 September from 10am UK time. Please email exhibition@ibc.org to pre-book your appointment. 

Onsite you will be able to check in at the reception desk no more than 15 minutes before your appointment time. The reception team will check you in and ensure your booking details are correct. You will then be able to speak to a member of the IBC team while you wait for your ticket number to be called. During this time you can view the live IBC2024 floorplan and pre-select a few stands that may be of interest to you. Once you are called you will have ten minutes to select your location with an IBC operator. You will need to sign your contract digitally via the IBC Portal before leaving the booking office. 

 What happens if my boss or my company’s signatory cannot attend my onsite meeting?/ My Company want to go through an approval process and I would like to sign after the show.

A contract must be signed during the booking slot and this cannot be postponed. It is possible to take your appointment digitally via video call for remote attendees to participate. A maximum of three attendees are permitted at the appointment.  

Any documents requiring a signature will be done digitally through Docusign. The terms and conditions will be circulated in advance of the IBC2023 show so any legal teams can review them before your meeting time. If you cannot sign until a later date you will need to contact the IBC team post-show and see what positions are still available at that stage. 

I have another commitment during my interview slot and would like to re-arrange

With hundreds of exhibitors in a queue to book space in priority order during the IBC2023 show dates (days 2-4), your interview slot is fixed and cannot be changed. You may attend a later slot, please see ‘What if I miss my appointment?’ 

What if I miss my appointment?

Please note that stands will continue to be booked for exhibitors attending their meetings. Therefore, if you have missed your meeting the availability may be reduced in comparison to your original booking appointment. If a stand has already been booked by a company with a lower ranking it is not possible to move them from their assigned location. 

If you miss your appointment, you are able to visit the office at a later time during the show. Please check-in at reception and wait for your exhibitor number to be announced. Exhibitors are called in order of show history point order, according to those checked in to the booking room at the time. This is likely to be you if you are late for a prior booking and have arrived later in the queue. 

Can you send me the floorplan on the morning before my meeting? Is there a live link for my boss to view remotely during our meeting?

When you come to your appointment you will see a live link of spaces that are currently available during the rebooking process. You will also be able to view this if you choose to participate via Zoom. 

Can I draw the stand I want and change the floorplan?

Certain blocks on the floorplan are marked as ‘No adjustment areas’ to ensure stands of different sizes are located around the entire show floor. This maximises traffic flow efficiency and ensures smaller exhibitors have a balanced opportunity for exposure at the show. Due to health and safety some aisles are also unable to be re-sized. These will be marked clearly on the floorplan at the time of rebooking. 

Outside of these restrictions, you may be able to request that certain stands are adjusted in size, split or rotated. There are parameters for this, for example the space left behind on a shared stand must be of a reasonable size; Space Only stands should have at least two open sides and aisles should be aligned. 

It will be at IBC’s discretion whether a stand change can be made and only those drawn on the floorplan may be selected. 

The minimum space for an island stand (four open sides) is usually 100sqm depending on the hall. A peninsula stand (three open sides) is usually at least 50sqm.

What happens if I cannot book the same location or size booth as a previous show?

Due to the nature of our show history points system it may not always be possible to book the same stand or size year-on-year. This system was introduced for IBC2022 to apply a transparent, linear and fair process to re-allocating space for future shows . We will work with you inside our parameters to suggest the best alternative. At any point in the lead up to the show, if you wish to request a new location, please do contact your dedicated Account Manager. If changes to the floorplan occur in the lead up to the event, we will be in touch with an alternative wherever possible.

What happens during this appointment?

If you attend the meeting in person you will need to check in at the reception desk and ensure the contact/billing details on your booking ticket are correct (as these will be written on your contract). After you have checked in, you can then speak to a member of our sales team while you wait for your appointment number to be called on the screen. Once your number is called you will be able to select your stand based upon what is currently available on the floorplan. You will have no more than ten minutes to make this decision. Once you have selected your stand you will need to sign your contract digitally before leaving the booking office to finalise the stand booking.

If you attend your meeting via video call you will need to log in to your meeting at the time of your appointment. You will then be placed in a waiting room until your number is called.  Once your number is called you will be added to a meeting with a member of the IBC team to select your stand based upon what is currently available on the floorplan. You will have no more than ten minutes to make this decision. Once you have selected your stand you will need to sign your contract digitally before you log off. 

Can I see the previous floorplans and the 2024 floorplan ahead of my meeting to get some pending choices ready?

 Yes it will be available online from the Friday 15 September and details will be included in our pre-show communication