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The IBC Innovation Awards took place in IBC’s Premier Lounge at 18:00 CEST on Sunday, 17 September and were open to Premium Pass Holders and Invitation Only.

Innovation Awards Winners

IBC is the one global forum where every aspect of the industry comes together to share knowledge, solve challenges and develop future strategies. The IBC Innovation Awards celebrate that spirit of co-operation and collaboration.

Now well established as the most coveted in the industry, the IBC Innovation Awards are the original and only truly independent industry awards for excellence in technological and creative innovation.

They are presented to the end user of the project - the broadcaster or media company that started with a requirement and who brought together the technology partners to find an exciting solution. At the same time, those technology partners are also celebrated and honoured for their contribution to a co-operative process which delivered the successful result.

To win an IBC Innovation Award, you have to show that the commissioning company worked closely with technology partners to deliver a clever, appropriate and innovative solution to a real business, technical or creative issue.

There are three categories in the IBC Innovation Awards: for excellence in content creation, content distribution and content everywhere.

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Content Creation

Whatever the size of the screen and wherever you choose to watch it, what audiences want is great content. This award recognises projects which give creative talents the tools they need, from acquisition to post production.

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Content Distribution

Great content is no use if it does not reach the eyes and ears of the consumer. This award celebrates the best new ways to manage content and connect creators and consumers, or creators and their collaborators.

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Content Everywhere

Consumers today expect to be engaged wherever they are, on whatever device is to hand. This award celebrates the connected experience – it might be an app, a delivery strategy or the internet of things. To win this award, your project will make the most of the connected world, using technology to engage and excite audiences.

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