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Lead Generation

IBC has a core audience of 56,000+ show attendees, 95,000+ IBC365 subscribers, 56,000+ social media followers and an email database of more than 250,000 industry professionals, senior buyers and major players. Two million users visited IBC365 in 2019/20.

IBC leverages this significant database of your potential clients to offer a range of targeted, broad and bespoke demand generation and qualification tools to help vendors and manufacturers reach prospects and new clients, whilst respecting and offering value to this audience. By partnering with IBC you can widen your reach, gain brand exposure and immediate, actionable and engaged leads to nurture, build relationships and close important business with.

With its position at the centre of the industry and the expertise of its teams, IBC has an unrivalled position to deliver year-round and effective lead generation campaigns based around your specific business requirements.

To contact the sales team, please email sales@ibc.org




The Showcase Theatre is IBC's main stage on the exhibition showfloor. This is a purpose-built stage seating 250 attendees, offering free to attend sessions that cover strategic content from rapid growth market sectors across the value chain. The Showcase Theatre is IBC’s premium onsite platform for generating Content Qualified Leads (CQLs). IBC will promote these sessions extensively online and onsite to capture data. Badges will be scanned at dedicated entry points and data captured through registration details when signing up pre-show. 

Hosting IBC's keynotes, this is where you can host your own thought leadership-focused event by partnering with IBC to help in the curation of the content, sourcing of speakers and securing of an engaged audience.

A full-day comprises six sessions with a networking lunch or end-of-day event. Half-days are three sessions over a morning and single sessions are 45 minute events across any of the show days.

Please contact the sales team for further information: sales@ibc.org

Full Day Conference £100,000 (65k saving)
Half Day Conference £65,000 (10k saving)
Single Session



Please contact the sales team for further information: sales@ibc.org


IBC will bring together a targeted group of senior buyers and industry experts during the year or at an IBC show for a hosted and curated discussion with each other, IBC and your team. A roundtable sponsor will take advantage of IBC’s database and marketing prowess to provide access to new prospects across the value chain, gather feedback from the industry on their new and recent initiatives and establish leadership and collaborative credentials with these senior end-users and experts.

A roundtable package includes:
■ Lead generation
■ Audience acquisition
■ Content creation
■ Logistics support onsite

Please contact the sales team for further information: sales@ibc.org


Turn leads into customers using badge scanners and lead retrieval services from IBC’s trusted partner Aventri at the next IBC show. Fill out custom qualifying surveys, send pre-loaded content directly to leads, produce notes for targeted follow-ups and upload leads directly to your CRM/MAS.

Please contact the IBC registration team for further information: registration@ibc.org



Co-host a live webinar event with IBC365, bringing one expert to join a panel of other industry leaders selected by IBC. Each co-hosted webinar programme is supported by a dedicated marketing campaign driving the capture of leads from registrations before, live and on demand.

View the 2022 webinar calendar and all previous and upcoming webinars

■ Showcase your brand
■ Demonstrate thought leadership on key topics
■ Target specific end users
■ Access to all opted in attendees
■ Partner on an IBC theme with fantastic speakers

In 2021 the average sign-ups between live and on-demand was 349

The 100 most engaged and senior leads are provided to you in a co-hosted event. For unlimited leads, check out the exclusive webinar opportunity

Rate: £7,500

Please contact the sales team for further information: sales@ibc.org



  • Want unlimited leads?
  • Need to choose the entire speaker line-up or bring a customer with you?
  • Concerned about appearing alongside competitors?
  • Wish to have full control over the content, agenda and slides?
  • Prefer to host the event, rather than appear as a guest speaker?

It is possible to run a full webinar, where you are in charge of the entire event. IBC will market the event with you and provide unlimited leads in three batches: immediately after the live event, three weeks and five weeks.

View all past and upcoming exclusive and co-hosted webinars here

Rate: £15,000

Please contact the sales team for further information: sales@ibc.org


Promote your research, concepts, projects or prototypes through a whitepaper on IBC365 and to generate quality sales leads and position yourself as an industry thoughtleader. IBC will produce a dedicated lead generation programme to target your key prospects using a variety of platforms. Each whitepaper is supported by a dedicated marketing campaign, driving the capture of a steady funnel of new sales leads from whitepaper downloads. These will be sent to you on a regular basis.

Please contact the sales team for further information: sales@ibc.org


IBC’s Workflow Tours are designed and led by experts from across the media, entertainment and technology industry, giving viewers the opportunity to meet and network with product experts and industry colleagues. An experienced industry expert will guide attendees through a curated and themed journey, focused on some of the most pressing issues in the industry today.

Watch Creative Production workflow tour

Watch Live & Remote Production workflow tour

Watch Live Sports & Streaming workflow tour

Watch Content Supply Chain workflow tour

Watch Content Distribution workflow tour

Digital Workflow Tour: £10,000

Please contact the sales team for further information: sales@ibc.org


Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership