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Startup Media Executives & Investors

Media Executives & Investors

The Startup Forum is a networking hub where media houses, VCs and investors can meet with startups and scaleups to explore partnerships around innovation, inspired by a day-long programme of incisive keynotes, showcases and panel sessions.

Companies on the floor looking for investment include media tech startups:

Ad technology | Social Media Monetisation | VR & AR | Streaming | 360 | Video | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence | Analytics | Data | Entertainment | Security.

All startup/scale up companies are pre-qualified and must meet the following criteria

  • Startup, Scale up, Growth Company
  • Media tech startups - Ad technology | Social Media Monetisation | VR & AR | Streaming | 360 | Video | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence | Analytics | Data | Entertainment | Security
  • Company has at least a minimum viable product
  • Revenue potential of 20 million Euros
  • Ambitions to grow in other than current markets (int. growth strategy)


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Key Elements

The startup event will happen on Sunday 17 September at IBC2017. It will be made up from the following key elements:

* Exclusive event for those looking to make a breakthrough in the world of media, broadcasting, entertainment and technology

* All startup / scaleups are pre-qualified 

* Use our match making tool on the APP to set up meetings at Startup Forum in advance of the event

* Get involved in the Startup Forum Competition and see the five lucky finalist battle it out on stage in front of our industry experts

* Network with like-minded professionals, including 75+ Startups, innovators, speakers and entrepreneurs

* Investment opportunities with local and international companies

* Networking Dinner & Drinks Reception the night before focused on bringing together high-level attendees, including partners and sponsors, in an informal setting to network before the main event

* Discover which media tech products are hot property and what the next big thing is, including coverage in the Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality sectors

* You will gain access to the rest of the IBC exhibition

* The Deal Room attendees are involved in facilitated meetings which will be scheduled every 20-minutes in a 'speed-meeting' style

*The Conference Theatre hosts a full day of content including keynote speakers, partner and sponsor sessions.


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Profile for Media Executives, VCs and Investors:

Corporate (Executive)

Company profile: broadcaster, publisher, pure digital players, companies that address their clients digitally and are transforming towards pure digital players. This also includes retail, financial sector, telecommunication, co-operations and partnerships with external expertise to improve operations and speed up innovation.

The types of job title we are looking for include:

● C-Level, including: Chief Digital Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operation Officer

● Managing Director

● Head of Innovation, Strategy, Communications, Business Development, Startup & Growth Customer etc.

● SVP or VP: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Digital, Mobile, Product Development

● Director, TV Business or Business Director, TV

● Director Consumer Sales Specialists: Digital Media, Content Creation, Technical, Implementation.


Company profile: investors, venture capitalists looking to network, make connections and invest into media tech, including into the following: eCommerce, SaaS, mobile, big data, analytics, machine learning, blockchain, AI, VR, AR, video/360, software and more.

With portfolio companies seeking business clients within the media industry with the job titles of Partner, Founder, Owner, Managing Director and CEO.

We already have a number of companies confirmed and many more to be qualified. Here are just some of the startup companies already involved:

  • AdBlock Plus / Eyeo Gmbh
  • AdLaunch
  • Appiness
  • Book a Street Artist
  • Choicely
  • Eat and the City
  • Exponenta
  • ezyinsights
  • Filmstro
  • Giraffic
  • glomex GmbH
  • i-mmersive
  • InterfereX Communications
  • Katalysis
  • LiveWeatherViews
  • Media Distillery
  • NGCodec
  • Oovvuu
  • PhenixP2P
  • Promethean.TV
  • Singular.Live
  • Source
  • The Potocki Communications Company
  • Tiledmedia
  • Uscoutfor
  • Valossa
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