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Networking is a key element of the Startup Forum. Through Media Honeypot’s online meeting platform, Deal Room, you will be able to set up 20-minute meetings with other attendees in advance of the event to suit your schedule.

The meetings will take place in the Deal Room, which is open from 10.30-18.00 on 17 September, where the service desk will help you to find the right numbered table. Arrive on time. If you cannot make it, please cancel your meeting via the matchmaking platform. We cannot force all participants to take the time to use the platform, but we strongly encourage you to do so.

The process is very easy. The Deal Room will open three weeks prior to the event and all ticket holders will receive a personal access link via email.

  • Follow the link and save the email
  • Modify your profile and add more information
  • Modify your meeting availability and profile (right corner)
  • Search for other participants by name, industry or any specific expertise
  • Invite people to meet with you
  • If the other party approves, a table is automatically reserved
  • Meetings run for 20 minutes, enabling you to get to know each other and decide whether you match or not
  • Keep checking back in the deal Room as more people will sign up as the event approaches
  • We will contact and remind people by email who have pending requests
  • If you entered your mobile number, you will get a reminder before your meeting

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