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Updates announced for Omnia.11 and Omnia.9
Telos Alliance company Omnia has released updates for both the Omnia.11 and Omnia.9 broadcast audio processorsThe Omnia.11 broadcast audio processor has a free upgrade with software v3.5, which brings significant new updates to the platform. This includes the new Pepino clipper – the latest FM final clipper design from Frank Foti. With Pepino, Foti redesigned the clipper section to complement Omnia.11’s G-Force dynamics engine."The toughest job for a broadcast audio processor is the final stage, which is known as the clipper or peak limiter, as this is where the precision peak control is accomplished. The challenge is what to do with the portion of the signal that has been clipped off, as this content gets distributed within the audio spectrum as both harmonic and intermodulation distortion," said Frank Foti, executive chairman of the Telos Alliance. Through advanced research into the peak limiting mechanism and how distortion is created, Omnia.11 v3.5's Pepino clipper system suppresses both harmonic and intermodulation distortion as the clipping function is realised. This is applied over the entire audio spectrum, and the result is cleaner audio overall, yet without any compromise to the desired competitive loudness level.  V3.5 includes several other improvements, including better high-frequency handling and more consistent bass response; seamless transitions when switching between presets; improved audio consistency for better blending between FM and HD channels, including a unified FM/HD Bass Clipper; a new ‘Phat Bass’ update for richer, stronger bass presence; improved sound in the low-latency DJ section; a greatly improved HD look-ahead limiter in HD-enabled units; and warmer and cleaner live/dry voice performance. New Omnia.9 units are also now shipping with a major update to the audio engine. This update is also available as a software download (v3.18.99) for existing Omnia.9 users at no charge. New features include a major system rewrite to the audio engine, introducing a new lower-latency clipper for both FM and AM; a new, fully rewritten streaming engine that now supports Shoutcast 2, FLAC and lossless streaming; an integrated internal stream server; phase correction with mono bass that reduces multipath distortion; expanded SNMP features; shared processing path for AM+HD units; improved BS.412 MPX power limiter; and seamless preset switching, even between presets with major structural differences. This update also enables optional µMPX encoding, making the Omnia.9 the first hardware processor to support this revolutionary codec, which offers full composite MPX over a 320kbps pipe.Stand number: 8.D47
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Lawo has its finger on the Pulse at new UAE radio station
Sharjah’s new Pulse 95 Radio is the UAE's first English-language station. It broadcasts across the Emirate on 95.0 FM, and also through the Sharjah Media Corporation’s (SMC) web and mobile app – makes extensive use of mixing, routing and control from Lawo.

SMC has equipped the station with a pair of Lawo systems comprising ruby control surfaces with accompanying Power Core mixing engines and VisTool user interfaces. The installation is an extension of an existing NOVA17 Mk.II router already operated by SMC. 

Supporting from four to 60 faders and being fully AES67-compliant, ruby consoles offer AutoMix smart mixing and a context-sensitive GUI through VisTool. While the physical mixing surface carries faders, source selectors, monitor controls, less frequently accessed features such as routing selections are available via context-sensitive multi-touch displays.

The Power Core engine supports hundreds of AES67 and MADI I/O channels, and can be expanded with plug-in cards to accommodate further digital and analogue sources. It natively offers 96 DSP channels, multiple AutoMix groups, and a 1920 x 1920 internal routing matrix.

Pulse 95 Radio presents itself as a feel-good station that showcases Sharjah’s rich cultural heritage – it's goal is to be “a totally inclusive, fun, trusted, feel-good station, bringing the listeners positive, upbeat stories of real people”.Stand number: 8.B50
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Imagine Communications provides turnkey playout solution at SEA TV
Imagine Communications has updated the playout operations for South East Asia Radio & Television (SEA TV), based in Cambodia. The new software-based, automated playout solution replaces an existing ‘channel-in-a-box’ system.SEA TV’s upgraded playout environment is based on Imagine Communications’ ADC playout automation platform. Content is stored on a redundant network of Nexio+ AMP playout servers, with asset management provided by Nexio Motion intelligent media movement software. The tightly integrated solution is implemented in software running on standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, allowing for improved operational efficiency and future scalability.“Our original channel-in-a-box playout system wasn’t able to deliver the stability and scalability we required soon after implementation,” said Yim Cheatvannak, deputy director general of SEA TV. “With a strong and growing audience, we needed to raise the quality and reliability of our output, without adding to our operational workload. Imagine Communications proposed a solution that fully automates our content control and delivery.”SEA TV broadcasts to the entire country from a powerful transmitter at its studio site in the nation’s capital, Phnom Penh. Its output is also carried by satellite, cable and digital terrestrial platforms. The station first went on air in 2010.“The new installation shows the power of our software-defined solutions,” said Mathias Eckert, SVP & GM EMEA/APAC, playout & networking solutions at Imagine Communications. “We were able to implement a solution that met SEA TV’s operational requirements in compact, space-saving hardware, install and test it quickly, and get the company on air seamlessly with minimal change to their operational procedures. SEA TV now has a modern playout system that will provide stable and secure playout for many years to come.”Stand number: 4.A01
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APP World Tour uses Blackmagic Design workflow
The Association of Paddlesurf Professionals (APP) World Tour is now using a full Blackmagic Design workflow, including the URSA Mini 4K digital film camera, Micro Studio Camera 4K live studio camera, and ATEM Production Studio 4K switcher for the broadcast, live production, streaming and video production of international surfing events.Created by the Waterman League, the APP World Tour is the official professional world championship tour for the fast growing sport of paddlesurfing, also known as stand up paddling (SUP), including both the surfing and racing divisions. The APP World Tour produces a complete inventory of programming, including live and post produced broadcasts from all of its events across the globe, with distribution to more than 100 countries worldwide via premier global networks such as CBS Sports and Fox Sports Australia. Delivering live broadcast action, highlight content, athlete specials and post produced shows, the tour’s 2018 events will be held in New York, San Francisco, Paris and the Canary Islands, with the London event taking place earlier this month.Waterman League CEO Tristan Boxford, said: “We’ve produced events and live productions everywhere from the beautiful beaches of Hawaii to the city of Tokyo to Germany to Patagonia in the glacier area of Chile to Fiji and beyond. We have a very dynamic environment. We need products that can hit the ground running, so we can create a production setup very quickly and easily. Sometimes we don’t even have production trucks and other various elements that make things easier from a production standpoint.”In each live broadcast event, the Micro Studio Camera 4K captures two hosts in the broadcast booth, two URSA Mini 4K cameras are set up to capture the main action angles, and another URSA Mini 4K acts as a roving ENG camera. All of the camera feeds run via SDI through Blackmagic Micro Converters SDI-HDMI, and the loop through SDI signal is then fed into the ATEM Production Studio 4K, while the HDMI out signal is fed into a replay machine, sending one replay feed back into the ATEM. The Micro Studio Camera 4K runs SDI in and out, giving the team control over that camera from the ATEM Production Studio 4K. The team also has a graphics station that runs live graphics on an HDMI input, while all of the audio gets mastered via a MIDI board running in conjunction with the ATEM and its software.The Waterman League also runs two full time television series that follow both the surfing and racing tours and their competitions, as well as special projects and lifestyle content the company creates to support the tours, including segments on the athletes, locations, lifestyle and other elements of the sport. Since 2012, the tour has been broadcasting all of its events live on the web. After using Blackmagic Mini Converters for many years, they began using ATEM switchers to support their live broadcasts.“The ATEMs were very intuitive and easy to use, and gave us the high quality we needed,” said Boxford. “They are amazing for our needs. From there, we saw the value of the cameras and the level of production quality, and began gearing towards that. Now all of our cameras are Blackmagic Design. We use the ATEM switchers for live production, the studio cameras for live studio setups, and the URSA Mini 4K for the high speed action of all the water sports.”Stand number: 7.B45
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AWS Media Services helps Norwegian football club establish OTT service
Odds Ballklubb, an association football club in Norway’s top professional league, has used AWS Media Services and the Crystallize e-commerce platform from Snowball Digital to cut time to market in half for its new Gullpila paid subscription video streaming service. Launched at the start of the 2018 Eliteserien season, Gullpila offers subscribers exclusive access to match highlights, player interviews, tips and tricks, and other fan-friendly content streamed live or on-demand to connected devices. Subscribers have unlimited access to content and can choose a monthly subscription or pay a one-time fee for the full season. Within weeks of launch, Gullpila recorded hundreds of subscribers, establishing a new source of significant recurring revenue, and its subscriber base continues to grow steadily.“Thanks to AWS and the Crystallize platform, we are able to efficiently deliver a variety of live and on-demand content, provide high-quality user viewing experiences, easily capture and manage subscriptions, and create new revenue opportunities,” said Einar Håndlykken, managing director, Odds Ballklubb. “Crystallize truly automates the business and technical aspects of delivering paid video services, allowing us to focus on serving our subscribers with fresh, dynamic viewing experiences.”Gullpila is built on the cloud-based Crystallize platform created by Snowball Digital. Crystallize offers customers a comprehensive, platform-as-a-service approach to building and managing subscription-based video services. It combines an e-commerce engine to manage subscriber access and process payments with a video processing and delivery solution, all powered by AWS services.Snowball Digital selected AWS Elemental Media Services for cloud-based video processing and delivery for the Crystallize platform’s video workflows. For Gullpila’s on-demand content, AWS Elemental MediaConvert transcodes file-based inputs from the Odds Ballklubb video team for distribution through the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network (CDN). Crystallize enables Gullpila’s live streams with AWS Elemental MediaLive, which processes real-time inputs, and AWS Elemental MediaPackage to prepare streams for delivery to connected devices via Amazon CloudFront.“Today’s sports teams and other content providers are increasingly looking for new ways to connect with fans, enhance their brands, and monetize the uniquely compelling content they’re able to produce,” said Bård Farstad, CEO, Snowball Digital. “Crystallize lets forward-thinking organisations like Odds Ballklubb customise video services to their audiences, while taking advantage of a virtually turn-key solution for distributing OTT video at scale. We’re delighted by the capabilities of AWS solutions to enable services like Gullpila to engage their audiences in new ways and generate new revenue streams.”Stand number: 5.C80
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