22 Aug 2019

6 reasons why your competitors are going to IBC2019

6 reasons why your competitors are going to IBC2019
It’s easy to think that going to IBC is too much effort and that you won’t miss anything important. But attending can give you and your business a competitive edge...

Are you going to IBC2019? The show offers a compelling shortcut to a number of benefits. It’s a great place to do research, for example, to explore industry trends and to see the latest broadcast technology up-close. It also offers an unparalleled networking opportunity, giving you the chance to catch-up with people you know and to make new connections.

Of course, if you’re not (yet) going to IBC2019, there’s a good chance that your competitors are. In fact, here are six reasons why your rivals are already signed up for the world’s most influential entertainment, media and technology show and why you should be too.

1. They don’t want to rest on their laurels
People don’t just attend trade shows for visibility, they do it to be better. Spending just a day wandering the halls, attending free talks or watching demonstrations can be more valuable than a week spent following news on the Internet. It widens your focus, offering up new possibilities and the potential for new connections you might never have made otherwise.

2. They want to connect with new people   
At a show like IBC2019, potential customers, suppliers and partners are everywhere. On the one hand, it gives attendees the chance to get face-to-face with people they wouldn’t normally meet - you can book meetings in advance or use the IBC app to forge connections at the show. On the other, a chance meeting at a stand might lead to a new business relationship or the discovery of a new product that will help you improve/streamline your workflow. 

3. They want to keep learning   
You should never stop learning. Is there a more efficient way to work? Is there a more cost-effective technology you can use? Is there a gap in the market you’re just not seeing? From AI-assisted production workflows to virtual studios, IBC2019 isn’t just about where the broadcast industry is today, it points the way to where it is going to be tomorrow. That knowledge is vital in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Discover the benefits of going to IBC2019


4. They want to discover new opportunities
We’ve touched on this above, but a show like IBC2019 looks to the future of broadcast entertainment, media and technology. Wander the halls at the RAI Amsterdam and you can get a good feel for the rising trends and hottest technologies. Listen to the experts (there are 400+ speakers at this year’s show) and you’ll understand the challenges and perhaps get a glimpse of the opportunities that lie ahead. 

5. They want to maximise brand exposure
Ask a company why they go to IBC and their answers might be different - launching a new product, demonstrating their services or connecting with customers. Dolby, for example, has been attending the show for over 20 years and keeps going because: “IBC is a great melting pot of creativity and technology, of broadcast and streaming... [It] uniquely presents an opportunity to discuss [new audio video experiences] with all of those partners and customers in one place.”

6. They want to be part of something big
IBC brings together a community of companies and like-minded people, a whole industry under one roof. Attending the show, whether it’s for the first time or the 20th time, puts you right at the heart of something big. In fact, it’s only in the halls of IBC that you realise how huge the industry really is and just how far it stretches - from media titans like Amazon AWS and Adobe at one end to the small equipment suppliers at the other. Business opportunities abound.

If you want to to be part of something big, IBC2019 takes place September 13-17 at the RAI Amsterdam. Register for your ticket here.
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