08 Sep 2019

If you only hear 5 speakers at IBC2019, make it these

If you only hear 5 speakers at IBC2019, make it these
400 inspirational speakers are speaking in this year's Conference Programme. Don't miss these...

Every year IBC hosts one of the biggest broadcasting exhibitions in the world, gathering together hundreds of companies and organisations under one roof. But it’s more than just a five-day showcase for the latest and greatest technologies. It’s an event for discussing new ideas and looking to the future of the industry.

How will the industry change in the next five years? The next 10? IBC2019 can give you the answers if you’re prepared to listen. Those answers can be found in the keynote speeches, tech talks and panel discussions throughout the show, as 400 inspirational speakers come together as part of the IBC2019 Conference Programme. 

With so many events on offer, you can’t possibly go to them all. So, if you only hear five speakers at IBC2019, why not make it these?

Cécile Frot-Coutaz, YouTube

This year’s opening keynote (13 September @ 9.45am) comes from Head of YouTube EMEA, Cécile Frot-Coutaz. It’s a timely headline act, especially when you consider that traditional media and broadcasting is facing an audience exodus to streaming video platforms.

No wonder then that many broadcasters see YouTube as the enemy. But Frotaz sounds a warning. As she told IBC365: “The platform’s reach in young demographics is undeniable… Not using it is not an option if you want to be relevant.” 

Dominique Delport, VICE

Dominique Delport, President International at VICE. works for one of the most ambitious media companies on the planet. At IBC2019, he’ll be trying to answer one of broadcasting’s biggest (and trickiest) questions: Where's the money coming from? (13 September @ 12pm).

Together with Olivier Jollet from Pluto TV and Bauer Media’s COO Tobias Nielsen, they’ll discuss digital media business models, DTC profitability plus how to compete with Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. 

A speaker on-stage at IBC, one of over 400 appearing at this year's event.

Shadi Almassizadeh, Disney

As the Vice President, Motion Picture Architecture and Engineering at Disney, Shadi Almassizadeh has one eye on the future of entertainment.

Speaking in the ‘Hollywood’s vision for the future of production in 2030’ session (15 September @ 2.15pm), the discussion will cover “the disruptive technologies and workflows that will become the new mainstream.” Other participants include: Jim Helman, CTO at MovieLabs and Michael Wise, Chief Technology Officer at Universal Pictures.

Andy Serkis, The Imaginarium

While Andy Serkis is best known as the actor who brought CG creations Gollum (The Lord of the Rings) and Caesar (Planet of the Apes) to life, he is also the co-founder of The Imaginarium, the UK’s leading performance capture studio.

With digital technology and VFX increasingly being deployed in broadcast, Serkis is looking ahead to new storytelling formats, such as VR and AR. Listening to him speak at IBC2019 (September 15 @ 12.30pm) will be fascinating.

Greg Spence, HBO

As for our last IBC2019 speaker, we could have chosen a number of people - Gary Shapiro, President of the Consumer Technology Association for one; Lisa Opie, Managing Director, UK Production at BBC Studios is another. Or perhaps Shalini Govil-Pai, Senior Director for Android TV.

Greg Spence is one of the producers for HBO’s Game of Thrones and he’ll be talking about how Season 8’s epic episode ‘The Long Night’ was put together at IBC2019 (13 September @ 4pm).

Although audiences might disagree on the merits of GoT’s final season as a whole, The Long Night featured one of the most ambitious fight sequences ever committed to film. Find out how they did it and watch the episode, part of the IBC2019 Big Screen programme.

IBC2019 takes place September 13-17 at the RAI Amsterdam. Find out everything you need to know about its speakers in the full conference programme.

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