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11 - 15 September 2020
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From delegate to exhibitor: Why Imagen goes to IBC 

From delegate to exhibitor: Why Imagen goes to IBC 

29 Nov 2019

From delegate to exhibitor: Why Imagen goes to IBC 

Imagen is an IBC veteran and IBC2019 gave it the opportunity to talk about the future of media asset management

Across 15 halls at the RAI Amsterdam, IBC covers every inch of the broadcast industry from content creation all the way through to distribution. Imagen focuses on the latter, helping businesses, sports organisations and media companies to manage their expanding content libraries with a highly-customisable video management platform. Its mission is to “protect the past, capture the present and transform the future of video.”

We spoke to Imagen about its IBC experiences to date, why it goes each year and its hopes for IBC2019.

Why is it important that Imagen attends IBC every year?
IBC is a fantastic opportunity for us to take the temperature of the industry, as well as contributing and sharing our thoughts on key trends and product developments.

Clearly content consumption is going through the roof. We used to think that the old guard broadcasters were being shaken up by a shifting media landscape. But now even the relative newcomers like Netflix have a battle on their hands maintaining an audience, as more rights holders seek to reclaim and repackage their own content via their own platforms. IBC will be the best place to hear industry experts talk about this. 

How many years has Imagen been going to IBC?
We’ve attended the show for the past 12 years – initially as delegates, all the way through to exhibiting (for the past seven years). 

What sort of presence does Imagen usually have at the show?
Beyond exhibiting, we like to get involved in and contribute to the conferences, talks and discussions that take place around the show. We join many of the initiatives held by the likes of SVG Europe, the DPP, IABM, RISE and many others, joining their panels and debating the hottest trends and industry topics. These events are fun to get involved with and great for meeting new people.

What was the focus for you at IBC2019?
The Imagen platform is constantly evolving. Once upon a time, media asset management (MAM) platforms just stored and provided access to content. Now they are building outwards and providing extra services – like publishing into social media or capturing from live sources. 

The Imagen media asset management platform is ideal for sports content

For example, we’ve just added an update to our file download feature so that our customers can deliver large broadcast-ready files at high speeds to any number of client machines – such as edit workstations. That kind of service used to be a separate item on a shopping list for media distributors – now we’re baking that into our platform free of charge.

Content management companies need to continue to add value from their platform services to avoid appearing like just a commodity access and retrieval service. That’s where the innovation needs to happen around user experience, discovery and reuse/repurposing of content.

Did you get a good response at last year's show?
Yes, last year’s edition of the show was incredibly successful for us, particularly in terms of new business opportunities. In fact, the quality of walk-ups at the show has increased in tandem with our repeat attendance – particularly as we become more well-known in the industry. 

Additionally, IBC provides the opportunity for us to check in with industry suppliers and partners on marketing trends and what we, as suppliers, can deliver to the market. 

How does Imagen measure the success of its time at IBC?
Every show is different. We put a lot of legwork in beforehand to book meetings and fill the diary for the attending members of our team (PPC, one-to-many, one-to-one reach outs, etc.) Leads captured at the show have fluctuated from year-to-year, but we achieve a good standard of walk-ups to complement the meetings we schedule beforehand.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity for us to take stock of what we are doing within the industry and share knowledge of the product. Given that the tech world is so geographically disparate, the show itself presents an opportunity to bring some of the brightest minds together, allowing the cross pollination of the best ideas for future initiatives and product developments.

What does Imagen hope to get from attending IBC?
It has been a big year for Imagen as a company. Since the last IBC, we have acquired Series B funding, which has allowed us to grow our marketing and sales teams across the globe. We hope to use the show to attract new opportunities in territories that are further afield, as well as our typical geographies.

What do you see as the key broadcast tech trends for 2020? 
From a tech perspective, we’re keen to see what is happening around standardisation of IP-based production workflows and adoption of new codecs (such as ATSC3). We’re also in the midst of a growing content war, one where everybody plans to deliver their content directly to consumers via their own platforms. This is going to change the broadcast landscape massively.

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