30 Aug 2019

5 things at IBC2019 that might surprise you

5 things at IBC2019 that might surprise you
Even though IBC has been held since 1967, this year’s event will show off things you might not have seen before

The IBC 2019 conference reflects innovation in the most dynamic industry on the planet, which means exhibitors, organisers, delegates and speakers are all on their toes. We take a another look at some of the hottest broadcast tech trends and the enterprises driving the market forward. Whether you’re a show veteran or a first-time attendee, here are five things at IBC2019 that might surprise you...

1. A Counter-Strike competition
A key focus of IBC 2019 is the IBC Esports Showcase, representing a huge market segment that is growing astonishingly rapidly. One of the key components will be a full-fledged, live esports tournament to demonstrate just how gripping and immersive the format can be. 

Two professional teams from ESL’s network of National Championships across Europe will go head-to-head in classic FPS multiplayer Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). 

Across in the conference track, ‘Understanding esports production’ will see experts from Twitch, ESL, Blizzard and Electronic Arts get under the hood to discuss key points including the value of in-game data, how to mitigate the most common tech issues and the CAPEX vs OPEX conundrum.  

2. Video game 3D
Elsewhere at IBC, Zero Density (Hall 7.C49), will be previewing its Reality Engine 2.9, and demoing Reality 2.8, based on the Unreal Engine 4.22, which has a rewrite of the rendering pipeline to enable real-time ray-tracing. 

Real-time ray-tracing (using an algorithm to trace the path of light in a virtual environment, and then simulating the way that the light interacts with objects in that environment) will make creating photo-realistic virtual environments in VFX studios far more cost effective, and with widening graphics card support, put it within reach of consumers too. 

3. A fondness for YouTube
Arguably one of the biggest surprises for broadcasters in the last decade has been the exponential growth in popularity of online streaming platforms by content creators and audiences. IBC2019 has created a focus on these platforms, via esports as above, but also with YouTube’s Head of EMEA, Cécile Frot-Coutaz, taking to the main podium to deliver the opening keynote alongside industry veteran Claire Hungate (Ex CEO Brave Bison Group PLC, Ex CEO Warner Bros, TV Production UK).


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The richness of these online ecosystems should provide much food for thought for traditional broadcast players, with innovation on display throughout the value chain. From solo content creators delivering magic on shoestring budgets up to the biggest brands in digital content today (such as La Liga on Facebook Watch, nominated for an IBC 2019 Innovation Award), there is something at IBC2019 for everyone. 

4. Drink driving
Shortlisted for this year’s IBC Awards, the Irish Road Safety Authority's Drink Driving VR Experience puts you in the shoes of a drink driver. Different storylines allow you to experience the full extent of the agonising consequences of drink driving - from injury to prosecution - but all with the unique luxury of being able to take the headset off. 

Find out more about it, and learn more about the creative excellence honoured by the IBC Awards, here.

5. A Hollywood actor
One Andy Serkis, to be exact, a celebrated actor perhaps best known for his roles in The Lord of the Rings (Gollum) and Planet of the Apes (Caesar). He’s less well known (but no less accomplished) as a director, with Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle under his belt and the sequel to Venom going into production. He’s even less well known as the co-founder of Imaginarium Studios, which you might not know is the UK's leading digital performance capture studio.  

On Saturday15 September, Serkis will be on stage at IBC2019 in a keynote conversation, where he will be digging into his many career highlights, sharing his experiences and revealing leading edge industry insights.

Discover the latest trends and meet the innovators making them a reality at IBC2019. Visit show.ibc.org/welcome.


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