Automatic Subtitling for Live TV News

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16 Sep 2017
The community’s increasing awareness about the need for active policies that ensure everyone’s equal opportunities and access to information and knowledge has led to the creation of rules imposing requirements on TV broadcasters to provide their contents in alternative ways, such as sign language, audio description and subtitling. As subtitling proved to be useful in a broader range of circumstances - e.g. enables people to watch (and understand) TV programmes in noisy (shopping centers) or quiet (hospitals) public places - broadcasters have turned attention to this alternative content description as a mean to reach wider audiences. Subtitling, though, is costly and (human) resource-intensive. The creation and use of automated tools to tackle this problem has been VoiceInteraction’s main research and development focus. AUDIMUS.MEDIA generates closed captions automatically and in real-time for live TV shows and live streaming channels. A subtitling software that is always available for live programming and breaking events, delivering highly accurate subtitles with a low latency time, ensuring permanent compliance with legal requirements. It is available in several European languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swiss, Basque, Portuguese).
João Neto, CEO - VoiceInteraction
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