15-18 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Panel: Building audiences through better discovery, personalisation and engagement


Panel: Building audiences through better discovery, personalisation and engagement

09 Sep 2022
Content Everywhere Stage
Free to Attend Sessions
Hall 5

The holy grail for video services is to provide seamless viewing experiences by putting the right content in front of the right viewer at the right time. This session draws together a variety of approaches to illustrate some of the available options.


Two of the panellists will share their insights into uses of AI in discovery and personalisation: one by analysing customer data to make content discovery and personalisation more meaningful, the second by analysing the content to better match it to the preferences of specific users. The third panellist will highlight how social media, web apps and gamification can be used to start conversations with viewers and draw in new audiences for live broadcasts.


• What can services do to ensure that customers are getting the best experience? 

• What are the key challenges in rolling out personalization today? 

• What can be done to counter subscriber churn and fatigue?

• What are the implications for discovery and personalisation from the trend towards advertising-based monetization?

• What are the advantages of real-time video content analysis? 

• How important is starting conversations with viewers and what are the best communications channels? 

Ian Nock
Ian Nock, Founder and Principal Consultant - Founder Fairmile West Consulting
Ed Abis, Managing Director - Dizplai
Roland Sars, CEO - Media Distillery
Tom Dvorak, Co-founder & CCO - XroadMedia