Outstanding Achievement Awards

IBC International Honour for Excellence

The highest honour IBC bestows, the International Honour for Excellence is awarded each year to an individual or organisation that has made an outstanding contribution to the media, entertainment and technology industry. Past winners have included Director Mr Ang Lee, Olympic Broadcasting Services, Sir David Attenborough for a career spanning 60 years of endlessly innovative wildlife television and Dolby Laboratories for more than 50 years of continual improvement in sound. 

The IBC2019 International Honour for Excellence was presented to Andy Serkis, the director, producer and actor who is today best known for his performance capture roles. These include Gollum, Supreme Leader Snoke, King Kong and Caesar in the Planet of the Apes series. 

IBC Best Technical Paper

IBC is seen as the most important global arena to unveil the latest in cutting edge research. The Technical Papers Committee review all submitted papers, selecting the best papers to be presented at the IBC Conference. From their deliberations, they also choose a single paper that best combines innovative thinking and clarity of presentation, with the author receiving the IBC Best Technical Paper Award.

In 2019 the Best Technical Paper was presented to Sebastian Schwarz and Mika Pesonen of Nokia Technologies and Jani Nurminen, co-founder of Innogiant for their paper, Real-time decoding and AR playback of the emerging MPEG video-based point cloud compression standard. 

Special Awards

When there is a person or programme has gone the extra mile and achieved something truly remarkable, IBC will give a Special Award and/or a Judges’ Prize.

Past examples have included the NHK development of Super Hi-Vision, Sky Television’s 3D coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Atlantic Productions’ remarkable documentary Flying Monsters 3D with Sir David Attenborough, and SMPTE to celebrate their 100 year history. 

In 2019 a Special Award was awarded to 4K 4Charity, the fun run established at IBC five years ago.